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We provide alternate financing methods for people who cannot get a standard loan for whatever reason.  

Rent to Own gives eligible people the opportunity to live in their home now while working towards refinancing to a normal loan.

The property market is increasingly difficult for people to break out of renting - we like helping good people reach their dream of owning their own home!

How Does It Work?

For more information, this video steps you through the Rent to Own Lease option solution.

For Purchasers

Rent-to-Own is sometimes called Vendor Financing where the owner of the property provides finance for the house.

You pay off the house through weekly instalments and can enjoy living in the home.  As time progresses, you aim to refinance and you are on your way.

Rent to Own is not new...

Rent-to-Own has been around since the 1870s and has helped many families over the decades afford their home. Click the image to read its usefulness then and now!

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