Real Estate Negotiations
My number one question and a scary prospect for some people  - my home loan customers get this as part of my home loan and investment loan service!
Property Purchasing
For those who don't have the time or knowledge to find the right investment property - I love looking for property and getting a good deal.
I find this is a really big issue for both individuals and businesses.  When buying a home you need to make sure that your finances are under control.  This is one of my key strengths.
Business Coaching
I love sharing business success and coaching people to get to the next level. It inspires me and If I can compliment your business I would love to help.  I have been trained by Unilever as a management trainee and would be happy to pass a lot of that knowledge on.
Any property strategies
My key strength is being able to forsee and identify issues and resolve them.  This can include, upsizing, downsizing, sea change or when to sell or buy. I look at your situation and work it out from there.
Anything else ? 
I surprise myself with what I have been asked and able to do.  If there is anything related to property or small business, I'm up for the challenge! Give me a call to see how we can work together.