Home Loan Solutions

Home Loan  
My specialty is digging deeper into your cirumstance and advising you about the best way forward and finding the home loan that will best serve you. 
Investment Loans
My husband and I have been property investors for the last two decades, I know investor needs. There are clever ways to build your portfolio with home loans. I also help with sharing my experiences and form a partnership with you.
Self Managed
Superannuation Loans
I have heard so many stories of financial planners charging astronomical amounts to set their Superannuation up to purchase property loans.  I can show you how to set it up cost effectively, so your investments work hard for you.
Business Loans
I can help you obtain business loans using residential security and other assets. There are various options and features available - I can navigate all this with you.

Nexfer Pty Ltd

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Christina Jamieson   

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