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Christina Jamieson  


Hello!  About me?  Well, what you see is what you get?  I have a passion for helping good ethical people, and giving them a chance at owning a home. My most rewarding moments have been of people who didn't think could get a home and getting them into their family home.  It is still the great Australian dream and I love being part of it.


My parents taught me about budgeting and I thank God for them.  They worked so hard as migrants to get what most people take for granted. 


My own husband, kids and parents inspire and motivate me to help good people, using the skills I have. 


I don't like really talking about myself, but I guess at this point I had better say something about my experience.  Personally, my husband and I have bought and sold over 40 properties, many of which we still manage.  People tell me that my business and strategy acumen is not normal, it really gets results!  


I received scholarship at UTS, was chosen for the Unilever management trainee scheme (apparently they make the best CEO's) and was tested by a recruitment company that found that I had the skill of the top 3% of Austalian CEO's.  But I just want to help ordinary people live their simple dreams!