Buying a home and investing is a 
very big decision.....
Use our experience to get you into 
your home or your investment.
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Hi, I'm Christina. I'm a property enthusiast, thanks to my migrant family - I'm Greek !


I have a passion about helping people with their own homes.


My favourite is getting people into their first home, especially when they thought it was just a dream. Now I run the School of Home Ownership to help people make the jump!

I have bought and sold over 40 properties, and our current property portfolio has been purchased using a range of personal, company and superannuation strategies.  You might say my husband and I know the ropes.


All too often, people come to me after a failed attempt to purchase a property and give up the dream of buying their home or investment property.  People often need help identify issues and work through real strategies to get a property, whether it's budgeting, analysing the market, or changing your mindset. 

Bottom Line

It is our goal to help families escape the Rental Rat Race and achieve their property and financial goals.

Are you ready to learn Property and Financial Street-Smarts?  
Come over to my school of coaching and online courses

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Client Testimonials

“ Dear Christina, we would like to extend to you a special heart-felt thanks for your care & diligence in going the extra mile for us with our loans.

It was a very pivotal point in our financial lives & we thank God for your insight and support during this period. ”

Jen & Greg - Mortdale

“ We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for ALL your efforts and all those emails and phone calls you made.  This is a dream come true we never thought this would ever become possible.  

I know Warren's mum and dad will be so proud that we didn't waste our money and put it to good use.  

Once again there is not enough words in this world to THANK YOU enough . 

Warren and Amanda

"Christina provided a comprehensive service and helped us navigate the process flawlessly."

Michael and Maja

"We really appreciated your patience and willingness to explain the process 
and here we are years later still enjoying our lovely home...

We got the house we were meant to have!"

Tini and Phill 

*Your mentoring and coaching is general information.  It should not be taken as constituting professional advice from us. I am not a financial adviser, though I am a fully certified mortgage broker, so I know alot about property. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the my information relates to your unique circumstances.